Las Placitas Association

...working to preserve and protect open space, restore riparian watersheds, promote recreational, educational and rural activities, and engage the members of our community in appreciating the environmental and cultural richness of this area.

Las Placitas AssociationLPA works with residents, land owners, developers and others to ensure Placitas retains its quality of life, adequate and clean water, clean air, dark skies, plant and animal diversity, scenic views, sites of archaeological significance, and opportunities to learn about and enjoy our surroundings. LPA organizes a number of activities including ducational hikes, led by experts which feature birding, native plants, local history and archeology. They offer Placitas residents an opportunity to learn about the interesting and unique features of the beautiful high desert. A newsletter detailing the events is distributed every March using the Sandoval Signpost's mailing list. Their annual Star Party is a family favorite -- offering both parents and children an opportunity to study the night sky and to appreciate the intrinsic value of "dark skies", with the assistance of knowledgeable amateur astronomers from the Albuquerque Astronomical Society.